March Bullet Journal Inspiration

Minimalist bullet journal page with the word 'March' and a calendar

Get ready for March everyone. The upcoming change in the season brings new bullet journal ideas and room for creativity. What type of journal layouts have you prepared for March?


Minimalist bullet journal page with the word 'March' and a calendar

Credit: notabujotho (link)

This March bullet journal page is clean and simple for the minimalist look. Instagram user, notabujotho, uses precise pen strokes for straight and tidy lines.



Picture of succulent plants in terracotta planters hanging above the word 'March' in a Bullet Journal

Credit: cj_bullets (link)

‘March’ is written here in a whimsical cursive style. The small potted succulents at the top of the page are drawn with minute details which is perfect for the change of season going into March.


Illustrated flowers and petals surrounding the word 'March' with a calendar underneath in a Bullet Journal

Credit: lilkat360 (link)

Hand drawn flowers and petals elegantly surround the cursive word ‘March’ and the monthly calendar.  Colour is used sparingly so that the word ‘March’ stands out.


Pictures of butterflies cut and pasted into a journal. The words 'March' and 'Trust his Plan' are written across two journal pages.

Credit: annisa_afiati (link)

This double spread is decorated with pastel pink butterflies and scrapbook paper. The calendar is colour coded to highlight special events.


Triangular geometric patterns are randomly placed around the border of the two Bullet Journal pages. The word 'March' is in the top left hand corner and squares representing a calendar day are in rows. A task list column is on the far right hand side.

Credit: whatsthebulletpoint (link)

The yellow geometric pattern surrounding this Bullet Journal spread is quite unique. Different shades of yellow is used to create depth to make it look like origami paper sticking out of the journal.

Easter Bunnies

A hand drawn calendar for the month of March is shown across two Bullet Journal pages. There are rabbits, grass and flower drawn horiztonally along the bottom of the two pages.

Credit: pine.jungle (link)

Easter is coming up soon and this cute rabbits in the meadow theme is perfect for the month of March. The words in this spread are written in different fonts to emphasise key words.


A hand drawn yellow umbrella with the word 'March on top. The calendar for the month is written in small font.

Credit: avcplans (link)

I love this cute little yellow umbrella. ‘March’ is written on top in pretty cursive and the monthly calendar is in small text. White space is used to bring focus to the little yellow umbrella.

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